The Be Your Own Life Coach Programme
Are you getting the results you want in life?

The Be Your Own Life Coach Programme will show you the efficient route to achieving the goals and outcomes you want.
Leaving you with the 'saved time' to enjoy the life you want!

I completed Paul's course on Life Coaching last year Paul was an inspirational, creative and highly skilled teacher who clearly knew his stuff. He also provided excellent support post-course. Paul's integrity and authenticity shone through and was key to the success of his approach. I'd highly recommend the course and Paul to anyone

Steve Rouse
Head of Product Development for Leadership & Personal Effectiveness at QA

Your time is precious!
Many people spend years climbing...
only to find it's the wrong wall!

Hello Paul here...
The ultimate life coaching programme is a full structure on how to achieve your goals, aims and outcomes.  

After working with tens of thousands of people over 20 years on their goals, I found that very few would reach their goals and it wasn't because they were not was their strategy. 

The ultimate life coaching programme can show you a strategy that gets results and has been doing for the last 10 years for student all across the world.

Have you ever really wanted something, but no matter how hard you try it never materializes?

Putting effort into something you really want but for some reason it just does not happen can often be very demotivating. As mentioned...your time is precious so it is essential to learn the right strategy so regrets are no more!

Watching things pass by and not fully being able to enjoy them when your really trying can be frustrating.
If you are feeling long are you going to allow this to be a pattern in your life?

Unsure of direction?

Do you ever find yourself stood at that cross road and there is not two options but twenty? Its can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming.
The ultimate life coaching programme will show you the exact steps to get your inner gut to guide you!

Anxiety triggers?

Anxiety is a negative pre-projection of the future and can often attach itself to your goals making achieving them appear overwhelming. 
Here we will go through a powerful 5 step process to completely eradicate all anxiety from your future dreams!

Planning gets complex?

Tasks list and to do lists can often become exhausting and complicated. Which should be done first, why and what if it is not the right task?
Here you will get access to an advanced process of how to prioritize your list so you do only what matter! 

Too many challenges?

Challenges will always come along in life, but it is important to deal with them ideally before they happen so they don't trip you up long term. 
Here we cover the 5 main areas of all the potential trip hazards to ensure that you are prepared for every situation 

"In less than 10 minutes this highly practical strategy will give you unstoppable motivation to your aims & goals"

This potent technique takes less that 10 minutes to complete and will last give you long term results...motivation is not about forcing is about asking the RIGHT questions!

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"A complete achievement system that will adapt itself to your life and style of learning"

 Join the thousands of students all over the world who are already enjoying the life they want

The Ultimate Life Coaching Programme is a powerful immersive 12 week programme which will be specifically designed for you! 
This entire course has a powerful time tested structure but will be built around your current level of knowledge and experience to speak in your language and adapting the techniques and strategies for you rather than being a generic 'off the shelf' programme. 
In's ALL about you! 


Discover The 6 Core Elements To Achievement

Creating Specific Outcomes

Create a definitive list of finely crafted goals filtered through two powerful exercises that inspire you at the deepest level of your core!

  1. Clearly defining what success looks like.
  2. The person in the mirror.
  3. Create and build solid foundations.
  4. Create your full goals list in clear form.
  5. Charge your goals with powerful emotion.

Discover Your Mind

Be in the drivers seat of your mind and take control with this in-depth user manual explaining all '3 minds' that you have and 

  1. Why the mind can appear complex.
  2. Your mind - The user guide.
  3. How your mind distorts reality.
  4. Working with belief structures.
  5. Defining and understanding anxiety.

Navigate Stress & Anxiety

Stop anxiety in its tracks by using this 5 step structure of powerful logic to diffuse challenging situations whilst also finding personal growth! 

  1. Why you need to focus your mind.
  2. How to stop your mind wandering.
  3. The 5 steps to stop anxiety in its tracks.
  4. Discover your hijacks and coping strategies.
  5. Use your survival drive to your advantage.

Highly Strategic Planning

Create a powerful flowing list of searching questions to look at the path of your goals and outcomes from every angle to ensure the most efficient route!

  1. Why strategy is vitally important.
  2. Reflecting on your past education.
  3. Creative brain training exercises.
  4. The questions model - full example.
  5. Create powerful options for your goals.

Take Action & Enjoy It

Using the leverage of the previous four modules...action become exciting! Here we will create a full action planner that you can use in your life today!

  1. Preparing for action - the mindset.
  2. Why take action and your growth.
  3. A step by step example action planner.
  4. Create your full action task planner.
  5. Create the full map of all 5 modules.

Adapting To Challenges

Here we will create a full list of any potential challenges that you can face on your journey. How to strip panic from any challenge by being prepared!

  1. Clearly defining what success looks like.
  2. The person in the mirror.
  3. Create and build solid foundations.
  4. Create your full goals list in clear form.
  5. Charge your goals with powerful emotion.

Watch this video to discover the reason most people struggle with goals...

The 'truth' discovered from interviewing tens of thousands of people

Millions of people all over the world set goal but many never achieve this video you will discover why that is and more importantly what you can do to ensure it never happens to you


Other members who are already enjoying the results you can gain...

I attended Paul's Life Coaching course in Manchester. I was so impressed by this that I signed on to his level 4 Emotional Intelligence Practitioner course as soon as I could. Through this I not only gained the skills to coach others and start up my own business as a coach but I received first class coaching as well.

Some of the time I was really challenged and these challenges made me the person I am today. If you are interested in working with Paul as a one to one coach or taking one of his courses, I can highly recommend him. If you want to know how much I endorse Paul's work, you can contact me and ask me in person. That is how highly I recommend him. Many thanks Paul for everything you have given me

Paul Ramsden (from Linkedin)
Hypnotherapist at Leeds Hypnotherapy

I attended one of Paul Ryder’s Life Coaching weekend course, and although I am already a qualified and experienced hypnotherapy, psychotherapist and Life Coach, I found his course to be very informative, interactive, good fun, and fantastic value for money.

I find Paul to be a very genuine person who, as a Life Coach, loves to share his knowledge and experiences with others in both group and one-to-one settings, to help them make positive changes and reach their full potential. I truly believe that he does the work he does in order to give, more than to receive, but in doing so, he receives the respect and admiration of his many friends, acquaintances & colleagues.

Toni MaKenzie


Learn these skills once...
Enjoy them for a lifetime!

The ultimate life coaching programme is much more than a course, it is a way of life. You will learn essential skills that can be adapted to any area of your life so that you can achieve the lifestyle you want in the most effective time possible. 
Whether this is for yourself directly, to become a leader, in your workplace or to support others who depend on you, these life skills are a must for any who is going places!

  • Practical, step-by-step 3 month programme
  • Taylor made for your SPECIFIC requirements
  • On hand support, feedback and guidance


When you enrol on the Ultimate Life Coaching Course, not only will you receive powerful and structure training made specifically for you and your own style...You also receive a complete digital course covering all of the techniques and strategies  
Lifetime Access! RRP $495

  • Over 5 Hours of HD step by step videos
  • Full training manuals / packed with examples
  • 24/7 lifetime access


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  • In depth 1 to 1 training
  • A powerful 12 week programme
  • Taylor made to your specific level
  • Full training manuals and examples
  • A full bonus 5+ hour digital training course
  • Personalized feedback

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