The sands of time won't stop!

 Do not let anxiety define how much joy you have in life!

 In this post...

  • What is taking action?
  • Why people do not take action
  • What could happen???

As you read through this post, be aware that the story (in part three of this post) was actually based on somebody close to me in my past.  It was hard to listen to, but I hope his story serves to motivate you to take action in your life! Life is precious and we only get one make it count! 

What is taking action?

Everywhere we look nowadays on social media or in many conversations we can hear the statement that we should take action...but what does that mean? Should we go out and do lots of things just because we are told to? Doing that can often lead to a very unhappy life as it would be doing what you are told to do rather than what you want to do!

Taking action is about discovering what will make you happy in life and then going out in the world and...taking action! If you have a gut feeling or a desire to do something it is because your mind feels that it would bring you fulfillment. Some people are drawn towrds one thing and some to different things, but what is it you are drawn to? 
What happened the last time you were drawn to taking action on something that you really wanted to do? Did you take action or not? 
How did you feel about the result of your decision?

Why do people not take action?

Although it would be great if we could take the phrase from Nike and 'just do it', very often action can come with a side effect... anxiety! Anxiety is a negative pre-projection of the future based in the imagination on a part of the mind called the internal cinema screen. For more information on this and some steps to deal with anxiety see the post - the difference of anxiety and stress.

It is important to realise that if you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and it is stopping you from taking action on the things that you want in life then do something about it, anxiety won't go away by itself and if it is ignored it will often get more powerful. 

What could happen??

Not wanting to take action?

This may sway your thoughts...

As a young boy, Adam was one of the children in the school ground that never participated in the games of sport. When the teacher asked him to participate in the game, he said he couldn’t because he was feeling ill and needed to sit inside. He knew this was a lie; it was just he was scared to go out and play in case he got hurt. “Tomorrow I will do it!” he exclaimed. But he didn’t!

Adam was now twelve and for his birthday his parents bought him a go-kart, but this was no ordinary go-kart – this had special wheels so that the go-kart could go very fast. Adam’s friends came round and all wanted to play, so he let them use it, but when it came to his turn he said he was too hungry to go in the go-kart, so he just sat down and watched his friends play. He knew this was a lie; he was scared to play on the go-kart in case he didn't do it right. “Tomorrow I will do it!” he exclaimed. But he didn’t!

Adam was now twenty and he was in a bar with his friends having a drink when a beautiful lady came up to him and started talking. They talked for a while and then when she asked him if he would like to meet up again, he said that he was just too busy with work and he had to decline. He knew this was a lie; he was scared to meet her in case he was rejected in the future. “Tomorrow I will do it!” he exclaimed. But he didn’t!

Adam now at the age of forty had a great career and was ready for promotion. When the final day came and his manager approached him to offer him the position, he declined saying that he had too many things to do at home. He knew this was a lie; he was scared to take the promotion in case he got stressed by not being able to do the job. “Tomorrow I will do it!” he exclaimed. But he didn’t!

Adam was now eighty-five years old, lonely and just living on his meagre pension. He sat in his cold house dreaming of all the things he wanted to do but had not allowed himself to, because he never faced up to his fears and anxieties that things may go wrong.

“Tomorrow I will do it!” he exclaimed. TOMORROW I WILL TAKE ACTION! But as Adam lay in bed that night he took his last breath and died, so for Adam...tomorrow never arrived.


My message to you here is to find out what it is that you really want to do and then work around or eradicate the anxiety...and then take action! 
Although this may not be the nicest thing to day you are going to that blunt enough? Your life is precious and so is your time...watching re-runs of TV shows claiming they are fun to watch will not give you fulfilment if your heart desires other things!

When I share this message with clients or students in class there is very often of of two things happen...either irritation or motivation. A person becomes irritated because they feel scared of the truth (and it is the truth that we all die) or they become motivated knowing the fact that it is important to take all that action they can to live the life that they want to live. 
What effect did this message have on you?  

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