Get Your Clients To Peak Motivation at 10x Their Results

Get Your Clients Into
Peak Motivation And 10x Their Results

The 6 Step Structure of Growing Your Business By Getting Your Clients Laser Focused On Your Advice
Taught to Thousands of Personal Trainers, Weight Management Consultants,
Sports Therapist, Yoga Teachers And Many Other Health Professionals Over 15 Years

For ALL health professionals...personal trainers, weight management consultants, sports therapists, sports coaches, nutritionists, martial arts instructors, yoga teachers, movement therapists and many more...

After the coaching sessions with Paul I now realize my true potential and after working through my self-limiting beliefs I can whole-heartedly say I am ready to take on my goals and start living the life of my dreams by setting up the retreats abroad.

Tessa Smith
Personal trainer / Yoga teacher 

There is nothing more frustrating to client than when they are not getting consistent results

Hello Paul here...
If you are a physical health worker and you are looking for strategies on how to get your clients into peak motivation by helping them set powerful goals aims and outcomes, then this course is for you! 

I was a personal trainer myself for 15 years and designed this when I found some of my own clients going in circles and seeing other personal trainers struggling to keep clients. 

This course is tried and tested and works for all different types of health workers...find out how it can help you..

Have you ever had client's who sign up with you and really want to get results...but...

You give powerful information...
You have cast iron knowledge that you know can make a huge difference to your client and their life.
But for some reason...even though they know that you know what your doing, they are not putting it into practice.

You offer support and a listening ear, you work together and tell them how much you care about their success and results. 
But for some reason, even though it is what they say they want they struggle.

They start motivated and want to get results...

You get a new client and your excited to help them.
You create a plan together and they leave that first session with a big smile.
They are happy to commit to the work that they need to do.

All goes smoothly and off to a great start.

They start to struggle with focus...

Then for some reason, your clients starts to be a little bit haphazard in the consistency of the plan or tasks they need to do
You start to feel their energy and motivation decreasing.

They want the results but something just seems to be getting in their way.

Then come the excuses to justify... 

How many times have you heard clients say...?

"I don't know why I am not losing weight"
...(but you know they eat junk food)
"I just don't get the time"
...(when you know they do have the time)

Then comes the... cancellations

Eventually when they feel that it all gets too hard... they get in touch for that call or awkward 'chat' at the end of the session to say that...

"I'm sorry but..."

They may claim it is money or time but underneath it is because they struggled. 

"In less than 10 minutes this highly practical strategy will give you unstoppable motivation to your aims & goals"

This potent technique takes less that 10 minutes to complete and will last give you long term results...motivation is not about forcing is about asking the RIGHT questions!

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Clients ONLY make excuses WHEN they are feeling unsure of their direction!

Keeping some clients motivated to do the work you set them can sometimes be challenging...and if they do not do the work...they do not get results...if they do not get results...they stop training with you!

How would it feel if...

You could show clients how to get so focused on their goals that they literally become unstoppable?

You had a range of strategies to motivate even the most doubtful or anxious clients?

You had a list of techniques that you can tap into to guide your clients through challenges and set-backs?

Grow your business and reputation by removing clients excuses and give them laser focused direction!


The 6 Core Elements of The Physical Life Coach

Creating Specific Outcomes

Show your clients how to dig DEEP down into their mind to unlock their true emotional power then link that drive to their goals and watch them become unstoppable!

  1. Clearly defining what success looks like.
  2. The person in the mirror.
  3. Create and build solid foundations.
  4. Create your full goals list in clear form.
  5. Charge your goals with powerful emotion.

Discover Your Mind

Wow your clients with information about their mind and belief structures that can give them back their self esteem, boosting your reputation to whole new level!

  1. Why the mind can appear complex.
  2. Your mind - The user guide.
  3. How your mind distorts reality.
  4. Working with belief structures.
  5. Defining and understanding anxiety.

Navigate Stress & Anxiety

Show your clients how to stop anxiety in its tracks by using this 5 step structure of powerful logic to diffuse challenging situations whilst also boosting personal growth! 

  1. Why you need to focus your mind.
  2. How to stop your mind wandering.
  3. The 5 steps to stop anxiety in its tracks.
  4. Discover your hijacks and coping strategies.
  5. Use your survival drive to your advantage.

Highly Strategic Planning

Help your clients gain ultimate confidence by showing them step by step strategies of achievement that can be completed in only a few minutes each day!

  1. Why strategy is vitally important.
  2. Reflecting on your past education.
  3. Creative brain training exercises.
  4. The questions model - full example.
  5. Create powerful options for your goals.

Take Action & Enjoy It

Show your clients the exciting way to take action and make it fun to do by leveraging the first four can turn work into play and enjoy the process!

  1. Preparing for action - the mindset.
  2. Why take action and your growth.
  3. A step by step example action planner.
  4. Create your full action task planner.
  5. Create the full map of all 5 modules.

Adapting To Challenges

Here we will create a full list of any potential challenges that your clients face on their journey. Let them know deep down your have their back by pre-empting potential tripping points!

  1. Clearly defining what success looks like.
  2. The person in the mirror.
  3. Create and build solid foundations.
  4. Create your full goals list in clear form.
  5. Charge your goals with powerful emotion.

Watch this video to discover the reason most people struggle with goals...

The 'truth' discovered from interviewing tens of thousands of people

Millions of people all over the world set goal but many never achieve this video you will discover why that is and more importantly what you can do to ensure it never happens to you


Other members who are already enjoying the results you can gain...

The first thing I would say about Paul is that he is very good at what he does! I approached the whole thing as a bit of an experiment. A former Army officer who had changed career and was happily practising as a chiropractor and I undertook the course of coaching the result was amazing and helped me grow to a whole new level!

Jim Townhill

The Physical Life Coach Programme Shows You The 'HOW TO' Of Motivation!

AGAIN...Getting clients to do the work that you set them can sometimes be challenging...and if they do not do the work...they do not get results...
if clients do not get results...
they stop training with you!

The Physical Life coach programme was originally designed by Paul Ryder for himself when he was a personal trainer. He was giving really sound advice on exercise...but no matter how hard he tried...some clients just struggled to stay motivated.

He then threw himself into a 5 year study of how to create peak motivation for people from all walks of life! That study was the creation of the Physical Life Coach Programme!

"The techniques in the Physical Life Coach programme do I know? I tested them personally with thousands of members from all backgrounds!"

One of the many techniques you will learn...
How only 4 questions completely transformed this unmotivated father to train harder than he ever had!

You know clients 'know' what to do...but they do not always stick to the plan. The mind is emotional, tap into their emotion and not only will you amplify their results but you will save yourself huge block of times


When you enrol on the Physical Life Coach Course, not only will you receive powerful and structure training made specifically for you and your own style...You also receive a complete digital course covering all of the techniques and strategies  
Yours to keep for free! RRP $495

  • Over 5 Hours of HD step by step video
  • Full training manuals / packed with examples
  • 24/7 lifetime access


Have a question? Have a look at some of the most requested areas...

 Q #1 - How much time will it take?

Q #2 - What type of content is it

Q #3 - How to introduce to clients?

Q #4 - What about further training?


Message from Paul Ryder...
I have been personally practising and teaching this course for over fifteen years, during that time I have become very aware of the mindset required to gain the best results for this course. My genuine aim is to truly make a difference to your life. 
So this course is for you if you are a...

  • Personal Trainer
  • Sports Therapist
  • Weight Management Consultant
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Osteopath
  • Pilates Trainer
  • Chiropractor
  • Sports Coach
  • Martial Arts Trainer
  • Movement Therapist
  • All Health & Well-Being Therapists
  • If unsure if the course is for you...just ask!

Sections of the bonus digital course

You are a leader!

Keeping your clients motivated and focused is the difference between you having a successful business and changing peoples live and NOT!

Your clients need you to guide them, they need your skills...ensure you get your message across and do what you do best....
Transform lives!

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  • In depth 1 to 1 training
  • A powerful 12 week programme
  • Taylor made to your specific level
  • Full training manuals and examples
  • A full bonus 5+ hour digital training course
  • Personalized feedback

Course Price $1125

If You Change Nothing...Nothing Changes!

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