Why can we get stuck in relationships with a person with narcissist behaviour when we want to break free? 
It doesn’t make sense to so many people who look from the outside in…they may say things like ‘just leave’.

Or ‘stop putting up with the abuse’ yet the structure of how to break free from a controlling narcissist or controlling person is sometimes easier said than done.

In this video we are going to look at the attention power play and how a narcissist who is supposed to be all about themselves, turns the tables and makes it all about you, they want to know what you are doing and why and how…soon enough they may isolate you from your friends and family and its just you and them.

How to break free from a controlling person or narcissist when they focus all their attention on you to make you feel special is more than just walking away, if you are hooked in…your addicted…in this video il show you the reason why you get addicted and what fear or anxiety of yours the narcissist or manipulator is using against you. 

Also, to ensure you keep yourself safe at all times, this video covers the one thing that you should never do to a narcissist who is volatile https://alifeofconfidence.com/the-one-thing-you-should-never-do-to-a-narcissist/

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