Depression - The Silent Attacker

 Just because you cannot see it doesn't mean it is not there!

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​In this blog...

  • What is depression?
  • How to recognise it
  • I had a black dog (video on depression)

When a person feels depressed or has depression, very often it can be very difficult for other people around to understand why they may be acting erratically or holding themselves back in life. I had depression myself for many years and even though I was successful in my career, had friends, relationships, an active social life and many hobbies…. many time I just felt like hiding away much to the confusion of many people around me.

What is depression?

Very often depression may be described as 'feeling down' or 'having no energy' or 'feeling flat', however these things are only symptoms of depression, the smoke not the fire. Although when in the grip of depression it can feel that the symptoms are the ​depression as so painful.

Depression is actually the mind feeding on it's own self created negative beliefs of the world and then projecting them onto the internal cinema screen which then creates a pre-assumed prediction of the world... such as 'I will be rejected' or 'I will fail' or 'I will be attacked' - the mind then becomes anxious of these future predictions and then tries to avoid them by 'shutting down'. The logic being...if we avoid it we are safe!

How to recognise depression

Although this is by no means a full list, here is an outline of some f the things people can experience when in the grip of depression

How you may feel

  • down, upset or tearful
  • restless, agitated or irritable
  • guilty, worthless and down on yourself
  • empty and numb
  • isolated and unable to relate to other people
  • a sense of unreality
  • no self-confidence or self-esteem
  • hopeless and despairing
  • suicidal

How you may behave

  • avoiding social events and activities 
  • self-harming or suicidal behaviour
  • finding it difficult to speak or think clearly
  • losing interest in sex
  • increased smoking, drinking or drugs
  • difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much
  • feeling tired all the time
  • no appetite or erratic eating
  • restless and agitated

VIDEO: I had a black dog...

Here is a fantastic video to explain how depression can feel for many people...the invisible companion who eventually gets bigger...unless we stop feeding it!!


Depression is a serious concern and although many people are starting to understand the symptoms in themselves and others there are still many people who see it as a weakness or are around other people who do not understand or maybe even do not want to understand. Depression can sometimes appear to come and go when it pleases…. but it isn’t random. There will always be a trigger! Something will have happened (sometimes even apparently tiny triggers) that will have set off an emotional reaction.

Please remember…..depression is your mind trying to cope when there is internal conflict… are NOT insane or weak or weird…..YOU ARE HUMAN! Trust me on this as I have been there and worked through it, so be cautious of people telling you to ‘smile’ or be happier as its not that easy! There is a way through it all but you need to know the strategy. 

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