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How To ​Reach Your Goals
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The 6 Step Structure of How to Achieve Your Goals And Get What You Want!
Taught to Thousands of Students Over 15 Years


Are You Having These Challenges?

Q: Have you ever set goals or aims and struggled to reach them no matter how hard you tried or not sure where to start?
Q: Do you find that your motivation wanders?
Q: Do you ever struggle with anxiety moving forward?

So many times in life we are told to set goals, push hard and then simply achieve if it is just that simple! The truth is goal setting and achievement requires strategy that very few of us are ever taught. Its like trying to make a cake but nobody told you the ingredients. Though you only get one life so it is vital to learn the strategy and start living to your full potential!



Set Motivating Goals

Create a definitive list of finely crafted goals filtered through two powerful exercises that inspire you at the deepest level of your core!

  1. Clearly defining what success looks like.
  2. The person in the mirror.
  3. Create and build solid foundations.
  4. Create your full goals list in clear form.
  5. Charge your goals with powerful emotion.


Discover Your Mind

Be in the drivers seat of your mind and take control with this in-depth user manual explaining all '3 minds' that you have and how they communicate!

  1. Why the mind can appear complex.
  2. Your mind - The user guide.
  3. How your mind distorts reality.
  4. Working with belief structures.
  5. Defining and understanding anxiety.


Overpower Anxiety

Stop anxiety in its tracks by using this 5 step structure of powerful logic to diffuse challenging situations whilst also finding personal growth! 

  1. Why you need to focus your mind.
  2. How to stop your mind wandering.
  3. The 5 steps to stop anxiety in its tracks.
  4. Discover your hijacks and coping strategies.
  5. Use your survival drive to your advantage.


Create Effective Strategy

Create a powerful flowing list of searching questions to look at the path of your goals and outcomes from every angle to ensure the most efficient route!

  1. Why strategy is vitally important.
  2. Reflecting on your past education.
  3. Creative brain training exercises.
  4. The questions model - full example.
  5. Create powerful options for your goals.


How To Take Powerful Action

Using the leverage of the previous four modules...action become exciting! Here we will create a full action planner that you can ​use today!

  1. Preparing for action - the mindset.
  2. Why take action and your growth.
  3. A step by step example action planner.
  4. Create your full action task planner.
  5. Create the full map of all 5 modules.


Dealing With Challenges

Here we will create a full list of any potential challenges that you can face on your journey. How to strip panic from any challenge by being prepared!

  1. Clearly defining what success looks like.
  2. The person in the mirror.
  3. Create and build solid foundations.
  4. Create your full goals list in clear form.
  5. Charge your goals with powerful emotion.


After moving to London and becoming a successful business owner I know that it is important to stay ahead of the game and always learn new things. I found the 'How to achieve your goals course' extremely beneficial to myself and my team and discovered that I was getting more time for head space whilst getting more work done, which means more time with my family!

A Gibson

​Business Owner

Having worked with Paul as he draws together his knowledge and experience to create these engaging and meaningful tools,  this course is an effective vehicle that has helped my personal growth in many areas . Paul has been able to hone in on the key principles of personal growth that supports the fact that we can have and deserve all that we want in life! This course is highly recommended!

Joanne Watson

Copywriter & Trainer



Paul walks his talk! In his past Paul hit the rock bottom of depression from being physically and emotionally bullied at school and home. Struggling with direction from low self esteem and anxiety, he went from job to job waking up with a dread of the day. Even though he had studied many personal development books on goals setting and achievement, very few actually made an impact leading to yet more frustration. 

From this he threw himself into a five years complete immersion study of the most successful people he could learn about from every walk of life, putting together a plan which he used on himself to completely turn his life around! The course you can now gain instant access to is the exact plan Paul used that has been adapted and refined over 15 years and professionally taught to thousands of student from all over the world.


Message from Paul Ryder...
I have been personally practising and teaching this course for over fifteen years, during that time I have become very aware of the mindset required to gain the best results for this course. My genuine aim is to truly make a difference to your life. 
So this course is for you if...

  • You will commit time each day to practice
  • ​You are open minded to learning new strategies
  • ​Are ready to face your anxieties and move past them
  • You will keep going if things become challenging
  • You will keep testing and trying new ideas
  • You are committed to taking action!!!

It is not your past that defines is your attitude towards your future. To get results from this course you have to be committed and I have suggested in the past to a handful of people not to purchase the course as they have said they are not going to give it all they have, I'm not being rude...I'm be respectful as I do not want to waste anybody's time or money if they are not going to get results and change their life!.
Only buy this course if your going to commit to it!


Get these great bonuses along with the course



Free 30 Minute Strategy Call

Excel the your results and gain new insights with a complimentary one to one strategy session to cover your questions and plan directly with Paul Ryder.


Life Beyond Anxiety E-Book Course!

Discover even more about the hidden power and emotionally damaging effect of anxiety with this step by step practical guide an ideal supplement to support module 3.


Develop Powerful Inner Strength!

Packed with tips and ideas, this 6 module audio course is a perfect companion to support your growth you while you are on your journey through your course.

If You Change Nothing...Nothing Changes!


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