How To Communicate With Challenging People Masterclass
Are you able to keep your boundaries and have fulfilling connections?

The Key To Understanding the Inner Mindset of Challenging
& Controlling People To Create a Win-Win !

Paul is an articulate, incisive and dedicated coach. His forsight and ability to manage and adapt to a persons situation is truly inspirational. He has personally developed my thinking and armed me with some powerful tools and techniques.
I feel fortunate to have worked with Paul and would recommend him highly as a coach and trainer for your personal and/or business development.

Salema Hafiz
Acting Divisional Director, International at CIPFA

In a state of conflict...nobody wins, it is stalemate.
Create peace by understanding...

Hello, Paul here...
The creation of The How To communicate With Challenging People masterclass was one of the most intense journeys I have ever taken. If you have read my story, you will know I was bullied for over 20 years.  

Turning this around was tough, dealing with anger, resentment cloud the vision and stop connection. The exact skills I used to turn it round in my own life are in this powerful masterclass. 

Here you will find, how to understand the your own emotional reactions, different styles of emotional dramas in others, how and why they are used and most importantly how to create a win win. 

Are you having awkward situations with certain people that do not seem to resolve?

Constant conflicts...?
Are you facing situations where you seem to be running into the same situation over and over again and not sure why? 
How is all this affecting you? It can be draining to go round in a loop... but how would it feel if you had a solution?

Stress / anxiety?
Dripping water hollows a stone. Conflict with other people can often affect our stress levels much more than we realize. 
It may start off small but can build in the background. Creating a win win can stop this in your life today!

In the workplace?

Are there certain people in your workplace that grate on you? Or maybe your a team leader and need to support staff so they become efficient? Or maybe it is clients...
Which ever the area, here we can look at a full structure of your place of work and how to create a win-win every time. 

In the home?

Are tensions rising in the home? This could be with your partner, your children, external family members or even distant relatives that only come round once a year. 
Your home is your haven, discover how to keep the ambiance so you can relax in the peace that you deserve.

In general life?

Wherever we go we will meet people and at times we may cross paths with somebody looking for conflict. Although we may know they are having a bad day, it still doesn't stop the anxiety or stress. 
Here you will learn powerful techniques and strategies to calm any situation.  

In your own mind?

Would you talk to your friends the way you talk to yourself? 
It s possible at times to be in an abusive relationship with in our own mind and have to listen to the drama 24/7. 
Discover the types of language you are using and most importantly how to create harmony within yourself.

"In less than 10 minutes this highly practical strategy will give you unstoppable motivation to your aims & goals"

This potent technique takes less that 10 minutes to complete and will give you long term results...motivation is not about forcing is about asking the RIGHT questions!

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The How To Communicate With Challenging People Masterclass is a powerful immersive 12 week programme which will be specifically designed for you! 
This entire course has a powerful time tested structure but will be built around your current level of knowledge and experience to speak in your language and adapting the techniques and strategies for you rather than being a generic 'off the shelf' programme. 
In's ALL about you! 


Discover The 5 Core Elements To Achievement

All About You

Create a powerful foundation and self confidence in this module by gaining true clarity of the situation. Here you will also create specific outcomes to empower your focus!

  1. Gain clarity on the full situation.
  2. Become present tense with your emotions.
  3. Create clear and specific outcomes.
  4. Discover underlying anxieties that trigger you.
  5. Learn the areas that hold 90% of people back.

The 4 Control Dramas

A control drama is designed to overpower another persons emotional insecurity. In this module you will discover the four main ones which are hiding in the shadows.

  1. Discover what makes a person attack another.
  2. Learn how attackers are not as powerful as they appear.
  3. Gain a full awareness of the 4 main control dramas.
  4. What each control requires in their target.
  5. How recognise it when control dramas are mixed.

Attraction & Repulsion

Although it can appear that other people mindlessly attack, there is always a method in their projection. In this module we will observe any magnets you may be carrying.

  1. To take a details look at who is in your life.
  2. How to asses each person and their energy.
  3. Check which drama triggers you the most.
  4. How to recognise your triggers before they do.
  5. Essential strategies to drop the magnet.

Creating Boundaries

It is essential to protect your energy and mindset if you are going to have effective communication. Knowing 'how to talk' can be ineffective if you trigger under pressure. 

  1. Understanding the Islands 1 & 2 mindset.
  2. Why making errors is not always a bad thing.
  3. A full range of practical energy saving techniques.
  4. How to turn your anxiety into strength.
  5. How you can grow from being attacked.

Effective Communication

With the foundations in place we now cover a very comprehensive structure of how to communicate and create a win-win with each of the four control dramas in the moment.

  1. How to keep your focus in the moment.
  2. How to recognize the control dramas 'off switch'.
  3. A step by step guide to each of the four dramas.
  4. Knowing when and how to keep going or move away.
  5. A full practical guide to communication styles.

Example course content

*From bonus digital Course*

Watch this video to discover the essential keys to creating a win win with others...

The 'truth' discovered from interviewing tens of thousands of people

How would it feel to you if you just 'knew' what to say in the moment or how to resolve any conflict before it even happened? In this masterclass you will learn exactly that... it is possible, if you want it.


Other members who are already enjoying the results you can gain...

Paul helped me through a very difficult period in my life where I was completely overwhelmed by divorce and business. I’m can honestly say his weekly sessions saved my life that year.

He is warm, friendly and excellent at what he does. I looked forward to each session and was seeing a difference after the first session. Can not recommend Paul highly enough. His knowledge and empathy will blow you away

Paul is just one of those gentlemen you want to know. He is genuine, cares, gives totally of himself, is honest and has massive integrity.

Then he starts to give you in his training courses all the knowledge he has gathered without reserve. No secrets are kept back he really wants you to learn and be your best. Thinking of meeting him, do it! Thinking of joining a course, do it! you will not regret it

Jeremy Cobb

Research & Development of Tax

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In the How To Communicate With Challenging People Masterclass you will learn a powerful step by step structure to gaining the ability to communicate with a whole variety of personalities allowing you the head space and confidence to be your authentic self and get your message across and be heard every time!

  • Practical, step-by-step 3 month programme
  • Taylor made for your SPECIFIC requirements
  • On hand support, feedback and guidance


When you enroll on the How To Communicate With Challenging People Masterclass, not only will you receive powerful and structure training made specifically for you and your own style...You also receive a complete digital course covering all of the techniques and strategies  
Yours to keep for free! RRP $495

  • Over 5 Hours of HD step by step video
  • Full training manuals / packed with examples
  • 24/7 lifetime access


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