What is Emotional Well-Being?

Emotional well-being is essential to living a full healthy life!

The human mind is like a computer. It has different parts (or drives) that each perform a different function.

Self awareness and emotional intelligence
The three parts of the mind 
> The conscious mind
> The sub-conscious mind
> Pandoras box

Part 1 of the mind - The conscious mind
This is the smallest of the 3 and has the ability to see the world as is it. The conscious mind has the ability to bring us present tense and in the here and now

Part 2 of the mind - The sub conscious mind
The subconscious mind consists of an estimated 95% of the total mind and is the store house for all the belief structures and emotions. 
The subconscious has no understanding of time and therefore struggles to differentiate between past and present

Part 3 of the mind - Pandora's box mind
Pandora's box is a metaphor of the suppressed part of the subconscious mind that locks away any trauma based memories to protect the mind from emotional overwhelm.

For a full description of how the 3 parts interact, watch the video below...

Areas to look at

Emotional well-being consists of many areas. As we move through life we can have many challenges which can stop us from living a full and healthy life.
Challenges with other people or unhealthy situations can form limiting beliefs which distort the reality which we see giving a skewed perception of the world.

Some of the areas of emotional well being to look at are

Love  and intimacy
Anger management
Working with social anxiety
Self trust and gut feelings

Emotional well-being is huge area and can require a great deal of introspection. Although it is a vast area, it is still within a confine of structure. As long as each area of the mind is worked with in relation to all other aspects, it can be effectively managed to created harmony.


Emotional well-being is the core of our world. If our internal world is off balance then it can affect everything in our external world. 
The mind like the physical body has many parts and all parts are interdependent. To create emotional well-being all parts need to work together. 

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