What is communication skills training?

Get your message across - everytime!

Communication skills training is an essential life skill for all areas of life and success!

Unless we choose to hide away from life, we are going to meet people. People come from all walks of life and have a whole range of personalities. This is why communication skills training needs to become a part of your everyday life.

Communication skills are essential techniques to incorporate into your language patterns when you are giving and receiving different kinds of information.

Some examples include
> Communicating ideas to others,
> Expressing your point of view,
> Public speaking.

Or more challenging areas such as
> Dealing with confrontational people,
> Social manipulation techniques and powerplays
> Understanding the difference of empathy and sympathy

Communication skills in all area of life involve skills such as listening, speaking, observing other people and their needs.
Also empathizing with different types of personalities which may or may not differ from our own.

It is also helpful to understand the differences in how to communicate through face-to-face interactions, phone conversations and digital communications, like email and social media.

Areas to look at

Understanding empathy
Communicating to different personalities
Understanding narcissistic behaviour
Working with social anxiety

Understanding empathy
As Brene Brown so eloquently explains, empathy is our ability to feel with others. Empathy is an essential part of communication skills training  as it allows us to truly listen. It also allows the other person to feel understood.

Communicating to different personalities
There can be thousands of different personalities who we can meet through our lives. The ability to be able to communicate with people on their own level is essential to be able to connect and gain empathy. This can often require us looking at our own personality to see how we reflect and respond to others.

Understanding narcissistic behaviour
Narcissistic behaviour can be an immensely sensitive area for many people if they have had challenges with others. Narcissistic behaviour can cover many different attitudes which can sometimes be abusive.

Working with social anxiety
Anxiety is a negative pre-projection of the future created in our imagination.
This image then gets projected on to the world we see which causes a distortion of reality.
Social anxiety is where the imagination projects negative thoughts on to the people around us.
We then see the people around us as distorted negative images causing anxiety


Effective communication training requires learning about ourselves as well as others. Sometimes the people we have challenges with are reflecting parts of our own personality we are not aware of.

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