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Is personal development a bit of a maze to navigate your way round? 

Sometimes it can get confusing with all the different areas such as anxiety management, confidence, dealing with challenging people...
At the A Life of Confidence Academy... its step by step!

I love the practical and easy to follow tips! Every video is packed full of such useful information that really helps me make positive changes in my relationships. Paul knows his stuff! Highly recommend! ?

Jennifer Forrest of www.jforrestenglish.com

Trust me, I've been there. When I started my journey it was so confusing!

Hi Paul here...
When I started my journey of personal developmentI really wanted to find all I could so I could reach my goals and balance my life, but I kept getting "just think positive and try harder" which if you have ever tried that...you know it only brings very limited results. 

The key to getting where you want to go whether that is your goals, inner peace or relationships with others is structure, education and practical strategies. All of which I have put together for you in the academy!

Have you ever taken a course that did not work or you just procrastinated?

Have you ever studied a goal setting or confidence course and felt better...only to realise your results go back to the way they were? Or no matter how hard you try, procrastination seems to get in the way?

Or have you ever started a course only to realise it doesn't really get to the core issue that you need or that the training seems confusing or unstructured triggering you to stop halfway through?

Your Time Matters!

Time is your most valuable commodity as you will never get it back. This is why it is essential that you have access to training that can not only save you time in duration of length but get permanent results.

Your Success Matters!

Being able to achieve the things in life you want is your right! But have you ever tried to turn a screw with a chisel? The right strategies that get you results fast are the very things you need to have in your mind and skill set.

Your Relationships Matter!

Self doubt and anxiety can damage friendships and relationships. Knowing personal development is vital but so is learning to true understanding of how people deal with stress in their own live. Know yourself and others.

Your Health Matters!

The mind body connection is vital if we are to live a full and abundant life. Anxiety and stress can lead to low energy which can affect your physical body leading to a whole range of physical ailments and emotional illness.

"In less than 15 minutes this highly practical strategy will give you unstoppable motivation to your aims & goals"

This potent technique takes less that 15 minutes to complete and will last give you long term results...motivation is not about forcing energy...it is about asking the RIGHT questions!

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Get the results you want through time tested highly practical training!

 That has already transformed thousands of lives!

At the Academy you will find step-by-step training that has been tested by thousands of students over 15 years. This training has been split into a structure so you know exactly what you are working on...why...and exactly what your next steps need to be. 

Let us take the complications out of the equation, allowing you a distraction free learning experience!


Get Long Term Results With Training That Works

Life Skills & Achievement

A range of courses...

Goal setting
Creative thinking
How the mind works
Taking action
Anxiety management
Overcoming challenges
Effective strategy

From goal setting to time management and planning to taking action. In the life skills and achievement section of the academy you will find a full range of courses that will guide you through from A-Z. 

Plus live examples!

Social Communication

A range of courses...

Effective communication
Self expression
Social confidence
Bullying styles
Creating a win-win
Family issues
How to help others

No matter where we go we are soon enough going to come into contact with other people. These courses have been designed from thousands of tests and in the workplace, social and home.

Plus live examples!

Self Awareness & Discovery

A range of courses...

Calming the mind
Working through stress
Guilt / shame
Letting go of the past
Anger issues
Past regrets
Confidence / self esteem
Inner peace

Self awareness is vitally important if we are to become whole in ourselves and live of full abundant life. The mind can often appear complex but it is a mathematical structure and resolvable! 

Plus live examples!

Discover how you can save time and get the results you want whilst enjoying the process!

Getting results and making the process enjoyable is our main focus, that is why we have tested and practiced these techniques with tens of thousands of people to give you the most efficient version!


Other members who are already enjoying the results you can gain...

Paul is great to work with - he is very knowledgeable, filled with compassion, cares hugely about his clients, but most importantly he is not afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear but very much need to hear.

Working with Paul will challenge you and it will change you in ways that you didn’t know were possible. I grew massively while working with Paul, I would highly recommend working with him

Kirstin Marshall

I've had the chance to work closely with Paul Ryder and I can honestly say  his knowledge is exceptional, his ability to actually deliver amazing results for people in such little time are outstanding and if you're struggling right now.. or if you have a 'Next Level' you're reaching and striving for, Paul will sort you out.

Thanks Paul for all the wise words you've shared with me and the conversations we've had!

Ben Sweet

Get the results you want and enjoy permanent results to live on your terms

As mentioned...your time is important! That is why my aim for you is to make this training step by step and practical. Each course will have full layouts, live examples and easy to apply task to make the results you get a stay with you for life as you progressively grow!

  • Practical, easy to apply step-by-step courses
  • Private members only community
  • On hand support, feedback and guidance

Get immediate access to the entire course library and start your journey!

We always miss 100% of the shots we never take! 
Let the A Life of Confidence Academy help support your success

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Enjoy complete flexibility!

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  • Personalised feedback
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My aim is to make a difference to you and the people around you! If you feel that I have not done that I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee!


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